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Most of our moms commanded us to “stand up straight” when we were kids. We’re here to tell you that our moms were right.  All our moms.  Everywhere.  Posture matters.  Good posture does a lot more for your body than make you look taller and perhaps a little more confident.  Good posture supports the overall health of your body.  Your muscle tone, the integrity of your spine and the wellbeing of your internal organs all depend on modeling mindful posture.

But it’s pretty easy to forget.  As we age, we can get downright unconscious about the state of our bodies, especially our posture.  Work that places us in a seated position all day, every day of the week, can lead to a permanent slouch or stoop.  Dowager’s hump is only the most obvious outfall of a permanent slouch.  Internal organs can be challenged to function properly, and our muscle tone can be greatly diminished.

In perfect balance

The expert clinicians at Back and Body can not only help you correct your posture; we can determine that it’s a factor in any number of physical ailments you’ve come to see us about.  That’s because we employ leading edge diagnostic tools and methods.  Numerous issues are associated with improper posture.  Our job is to put your body back in balance, by strengthening it with posture correction exercises that can help you avoid falling back into habits that are affecting your health.

When the body is in balance, your internal systems, muscles and ligaments are being used appropriately.  At Back and Body Medical, our physical therapists will work with you as a partner, engaging you in posture correction exercises you can take home with you, to speed your return to perfect, balanced posture.

Our therapists and doctors will re-train your body to sit, stand and walk correctly again.  This is a process which involves the strengthening of your musculature.  Poor posture weakens muscles.  To regain correct posture, your efforts complement those of the clinicians you’ll be working with at our integrated back care facility.

Collaborative and team-oriented

Posture correction can take time, but it can also take the efforts of a team of medical professionals.  What’s certain is that it takes your total commitment to getting your body back in its natural balance.  We’re committed to you.  We’ll design a program of posture correction exercises to address your individual challenges.  Your job is to share our commitment by doing your homework.  Our collaboration with you and our shared commitment is the key to successful posture correction.

Mom was right about good posture.  She knew what she was talking about (perhaps without knowing exactly why).  At Back and Body Medical in New York City, we’ll design a program of posture correction exercises that would do mom proud.

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If you’re ready to address improper posture that’s causing pain and imbalance in your body, call the professionals at Back and Body Medical.  We’ll have you standing tall before you know it.  Won’t mom be proud?

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