Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix at Back & Body Medical

platelet rich Fibrin Matrix

We have been offering PRP therapy for many years at Back & Body Medical. It’s a great option to help improve the healing time on a variety of injuries and pain points. While the treatment has yielded great results, they can be somewhat erratic and tricky to predict. In the past, the treatment has depended a lot on operator skill and other variables such as red and white blood cell contamination issues (there should be none of either in the ideal PRP solution).

While we have had great success with the treatment in the past (as our operators are very well trained), we can now offer PRFM. This solution is superior due to the fact it is the purest PRP solution available and also eliminates any human operator error. This means we can yield even better and superior results. As the advancement in this therapy continues in the future, we will always maintain our progressive nature of keeping up with the best and most powerful treatment options.

How Does PRP Work Anyway?

So PRP is plasma and platelets mixed together to form a solution that is more powerful in terms of healing than whole blood. The platelet concentration is up to 3 times higher than blood. No red or white blood cells should be present in the solution (which is one of the drawbacks of traditional PRP) and it is these that can hamper the effectiveness of the old PRP therapy.

The pictures below show a patient at our Springfield location receiving this new PRFM product to enhance recovery of his injury and get him back to running again.

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