Physical Therapy at Back & Body Medical – The Upper East Side’s 360 Solution

female physiotherapist working with a male patient

Seeking out the right physical therapy clinic can be quite a process.  Everyone seems to know a guy who knows a guy when you’re seeking out quality physical therapy on the Upper East Side.  You need competent, skilled, licensed help to get you back to operating at full strength.

Back & Body Medical is the Upper East Side’s integrated physical therapy solution.  Our top-flight physical therapists work as a comprehensive, integrated team.   At Back & Body, we offer our patients the kind of multi-disciplinary care that provides them with a full range of treatment options.  Drawing on disciplines as diverse as chiropractic and acupuncture, our approach is as unique as you are.

The team at Back & Body Medical creates specialized therapeutic plans, focused on individual patient need.  Our physical therapy clinicians are skilled, licensed professionals.  Your Back & Body team of doctors and therapists works as an integrated unit, delivering comprehensive physical therapy to the Upper East Side.

Endless therapeutic options.

We’re dedicated to providing patients with evidence-based treatments, proven through research and resulting data.  The scientifically proven therapies we employ work.  In building your individual treatment program, our physical therapy clinicians first pinpoint the cause of your issue, using Back & Body’s state-of-the-art diagnostics.

The physical therapist’s job is to assemble the right combination of therapies for you, implicating other members of the team and choosing from the best therapy models for your physical condition.  The art of physical therapy is in the connection of the physical therapist to the modalities in play and their appropriateness for you.  That takes a superior patient-therapist relationship and outstanding knowledge.

From Graston Technique to spinal decompression therapy, Back & Body Medical’s physical therapy services are the most comprehensive available on the Upper East Side.  We hire physical therapists committed to ongoing training.

Accreditation and professionalism are just the beginning.  We expect members of our physical therapy team to engage in skills and knowledge enhancement, ensuring that patients have access to the most up-to-date treatments available.

Because of Back & Body’s commitment to excellence and ongoing research, our physical therapists can go above and beyond for our patients.  With the range of therapeutic models we offer, you receive world-class care.

You won’t need to run from one specialist to another in search of the pain relief you need.  You’ll be able to avail yourself of a multi-disciplinarian facility offering a full spectrum of state-of-the-art physical therapy.

Back & Body Medical is the Upper East Side’s diversified back and body care facility.  With our physical therapy team on your team, you’re on your way to winning the war on pain.

Connect with world-class physical therapy.

At Back & Body Medical on the Upper East Side, our physical therapy team is well beyond average.  Our patient outcomes speak to the excellence of the work our therapists do.  If you’re seeking world-class physical therapy on the Upper East Side, call to discover the difference a 360 approach makes.

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