Comprehensive Physical Therapy Near Me In New York City

Finding the right physical therapist can be a challenge in a place like New York City.  Everyone seems to know a guy who knows a guy when you’re looking for a physical therapist.

As an avid exercise enthusiast, I needed skilled support.  That’s how I discovered comprehensive physical therapy near me in New York City, at Back & Body Medical.

Back & Body is New York City’s source for exceptional physical therapy.  Their physical therapists work as part of a team at this innovative clinic.   Back & Body’s patients are offered a full spectrum of services because of their unique, multi-disciplinarian model.  Drawing on diverse medical areas, including acupuncture and sports medicine, their approach is remarkably effective.

Finding the team at Back & Body has changed the way I look at physical therapy.  They treat me like a unique individual, not a number.  The Back & Body team of clinicians works as a unit, delivering exceptional physical therapy near me in New York City.

Everything you need, under one roof.

Back & Body employs only evidence-based therapies which have been proven effective by research.  The scientifically tested therapies they offer work.  I went to them based on a recommendation and I wasn’t disappointed.  This clinic serves all my physical therapy needs under one roof.  The convenience is incredible.

My PT tailored a treatment plan to my needs, involving team members from other medical areas and choosing therapies which addressed my needs.

Physical therapy’s art is in the connection of the therapist to the treatments in play and how they’ll work for their patients.  That requires a strong patient-therapist relationship and excellent knowledge.  I’m impressed with the care I’ve received there.

From spinal decompression therapy to the Graston Technique, Back & Body Medical’s physical therapy team’s knowledge is encyclopedic.

I was also impressed when I discovered that Back & Body expects its physical therapy team to refresh its skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis.  That means my therapeutic plan consists of the most up-to-the-minute treatments around.

Back & Body’s commitment to professional upgrades and continuing research allows their physical therapists to bring me care that goes beyond what I ever imagined possible.  With the comprehensive array of therapies they offer, I get genuinely effective physical therapy near me in New York City.

Instead of having to travel all over town, I find everything I need at Back & Body.  That saves precious time.

Having Back & Body’s expertise at my disposal has been a revelation.  Whatever I need, they’ve got it, with physical therapy near me in New York City that works.

Discover comprehensive physical therapy.

Back & Body is an outstanding physical therapy resource I’m glad I found.  Their patient outcomes speak for themselves, but I want to let people know about the amazing work they do there.

I found incredibly effective physical therapy near me in New York City.  If you’re looking for the same, call to experience the Back & Body difference.

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