Physical Therapy – Midtown, NY Health Center Explains How It Helps Bedridden Patients

physical therapy midtown nycThere are different kinds of illnesses or conditions that render people helpless and confined to their beds most of the time. For some, regular body movements can prove too exhausting and painful, and there’s the risk of developing further health complications. And then, there are patients who really have just lost the ability to move due to an accident or as an irreversible effect of certain illnesses.

When people become bedridden, naturally, the body can deteriorate further. The most obvious manifestation of this retrogression is how the muscles atrophy; legs and arms shrink basically because they’re no longer being used — the body becomes greatly disproportionate.

The imbalanced appearance may not be that big of an issue, especially for those who are suffering from permanent immobility, but for those who can still regain the ability to move normally, it’s imperative to fight muscle wasting immediately through regular physical therapy. Midtown, NY pain specialists and other health care professionals, however, claim that bedridden people, whether they’re suffering from a permanent immobility or not, should all receive physical therapy because of all the benefits it can provide. Not only will it help maintain or improve their muscle tone but it plays an important role in preventing other health risks such as the development of bed sores, difficulty in relieving themselves, experiencing all kinds of pain, and others.

One thing physical therapy effectively does is it alleviates body pressure in those who are always confined to their beds. If carried out by a professional or a trained caregiver — say, every two hours — the risk of developing bed sores can be decreased. The physical stimulation and the regular shifting of the body can improve skin moisture and body alignment, and all these can increase the comfort level of patients.

Likewise, physical therapy can prevent limb contracture or freezing of the joints. The range of motion exercises carried out about two to three times can prevent unnecessary pains for bedridden folks.

It’s surely worth pointing out as well that physical therapy can help prevent the development of respiratory problems. Since the stimulation and exercises are not only confined to the limbs, the movements created can help maintain the health and normal functioning of the lungs. Chest physical therapy can help patients breathe more freely and get more oxygen in the body. This particular therapy is highly recommended for people with neuromuscular diseases like Guillain-Barre Syndrome and other types of ascending paralysis, as well as those with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

There are still a number of other physical therapy benefits, but one thing is clearly established here – it’s a must in promoting and supporting the health of those who are physically unable to do things on their own.


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