Physical Therapy – Manhattan Pain Management Specialists Explain Its Many Benefits

manhattan physical therapyPhysical therapy is defined as “the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery.” This method has been around for centuries and, for the most part, was greatly popular in the Asian region. It’s carried out so people who were ill or who had suffered from life altering accidents can gradually regain their body’s original functioning and free from stiffness and pain, which will then allow them to go back to their normal activities. Likewise, this method is greatly helpful for those who may have completely lost the function of a limb; physical therapy can develop other muscles to make up for the limitation imposed by the “new” body make-up.

Another important benefit of physical therapy is that it shortens the body’s full recovery period. Studies reveal that athletes who suffered from sport-related injuries tend to bounce back to health faster than normal people who took their time and waited to feel “up to it” and free from pain. This is not entirely because of the time element, but more because they didn’t give their body the chance to retrogress (let the muscles atrophy and get stiff).

It’s worth mentioning as well how physical therapy focuses on what patients are still capable of rather than their limitations. This treatment helps patients function the best way they can despite the limitations imposed on them by their current condition, and then work to build upon these capabilities until the right rhythm and “normal” functioning is achieved. This creates an important side benefit of empowering the patient by creating the mindset that they can still improve and that there is a very achievable goal.

And lastly, physical therapy, Manhattan pain clinics claim, goes beyond the restoration of the function and strengthening of bones, joints and muscles; this effort extends to the treatment of cardiopulmonary and neurological conditions, too. Plus, it’s established as effective, with the guidance of a developmental pediatrician, in helping children with developmental delays in motor skills familiarize their body with certain movements. Exercises and stimulation can build strength necessary for the acquisition of fine motor skills to be used for a great amount of life’s daily activities.

Indeed, there are so many benefits to physical therapy – it heals, improves the body, strengthens it, makes it more flexible, and promotes overall wellness so injuries and other developmental and health compromises can be prevented effectively.


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