Our Favorite Fitness Apps Part 2

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So following on from the first five fitness apps from the last post, we’re next going to be looking at our final top 5 apps.

Following the pandemic, so many people have switched to virtual training so it’s hardly surprising to see so many apps on the market. It has to be something unique to stand out from the rest now, but we think these five have something that you should seriously consider in a fitness app.

Check them out.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

This is a science based app that was designed by Chris Jordan. He was director of exercise physiology at J&J Human Performance Institute. We like this app because like us, this app is based on science.

It works on the premise of short bursts of hard workouts with quick rest periods based on the science that this should improve aerobic fitness fast.

There’s video instructions showing you how to perform the exercises (there are 72) and allows you to progress fully tracked to peak performance.

Couch to 5k

This is a great app for getting you off the couch and to a 5k run in just 9 weeks! This app has an easy to follow program that gives you the tools to start working out each week and preparing you for the run. It has an in built accountability coach to stop you veering off track.

Zombies, Run!

Now this one’s a lot of fun. You take part as a survivor running from zombies and get your exercise that way. It’s kind of a cool way to mix a bit of fun and exercise together. Plus it helps get that adrenalin going too.

Check it out, it’s a very unique way to get you to exercise.

Charity Miles

We also love this one because you can earn money for charity. Yep, on setup you can select the charities you want to earn money for and big brands will sponsor your efforts with proceeds benefitting the charities you pick. It’s a great way to help others while helping yourself. And it gives you a fantastic accountability partner because you just want to do your best to help.

Carrot Fit

You’ve heard of dangling the carrot, right? That’s exactly what this app is doing. It teases and torments you (well, not quite), but it has some very interesting ways of keeping you on target, sending you messages like Get fit or else!

It’s a lot of fun, but uses the same concept as the J&J app above with the full on workout with brief breathers in between. It does work very well though, especially if you like a bit of humor.

Well, that’s it. 10 great fitness apps each offering something different and a little unique. We suggest at least trying out Zombie Run just for the experience, but all will be able to help you improve your fitness if you follow them properly.

As ever, if you are injured or in pain, come in and see us, we can help you and provide you with our own workouts designed to get you back to fitness.

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