Opioid Crisis Might Be Worse than You Think Says New York Chiropractor

Opioid Crisis Might Be Worse than You Think Says New York Chiropractor

One of the big news stories at the moment is the opioid crisis that the country is facing, not only from illegal drugs, but also prescription drugs as many have succumbed to addiction there as well. It is truly tragic  and the problems may be worse than we think based on a study by Jama in May 2017 which looked at the years between 2001 and 2010 and the FDA’s record of drug approvals.

The study found that approximately a third of all drugs cleared by the FDA actually had safety issues after their approval.

Specifically, there were 222 drugs approved during that time. Three were withdrawn completely, 61 received box warnings and 59 prompted safety communications.

The medications most likely to have safety issues during this time fell in the biologics sections, psychiatric drugs and medicines that were approved through the FDA’s accelerated process.

While there is a need for medications and they do play an important role in helping people to get better it should always be noted that they are not without risks.

In terms of pain control, for back or neck pain for example, while pain medication may be good to provide temporary relief for an issue it should not be seen as the cure. While on medication, the ultimate solution as to why you have been should be investigated and treated. Unfortunately, many people do not and this leads to opioid abuse and addiction.

With the services we provide at Back & Body NY, all our treatments are opioid free and very conservative. This means that the treatment you receive is designed to help your body to heal itself naturally.

With chiropractic care, the emphasis is on decompressing joints to help them to function properly. With cold laser therapy it is to treat inflammation and soft tissue injuries to increase blood flow and to heal the area.

With Active Release Technique (ART), we are combining medical massage with patient movements to identify problem areas and remove scar tissue that produces impaired movement and pain.

We have many more non drug and non surgical services which are designed to help you get out of pain and to avoid the use of any kind of drug.

Remember, if you are struggling and cannot get relief, make an appointment to see us. Simply make an appointment online and let us help you https://backandbodyny.com/book-appointment/ or call us 212 371 2000.

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