NYC Doc Asks: Are Fractures Worse for Males than Females?

Are osteoporosis related fractures more dangerous for senior men or senior women? We are going to talk about the stats in this article.

Today’s study comes from the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons in March of 2017. It looks at the dangers of osteoporosis related fractures. It’s commonly thought and confirmed that females are more susceptible to osteoporosis related fractures. They looked at one million US citizens who were older in age that experienced an osteoporosis related fracture. They found that females were five times more likely to have an osteoporosis related fracture.

However, within one year of the fracture, males were 50 percent more likely to have a higher death rate from the result of the fracture.

In total, the stats were: 19 percent of the males one year after the fracture passed away, and 13 percent of the females has passed away following an osteoporosis related fracture. The thoughts for this have been spoken to in the past that fractures for elderly patients is often dangerous because of the decline in health due to inactivity.

So it is important should you know someone who has a fracture who is older in age that they should seek advice from their physician to possibly get some sort of therapy to work around the injury to remain active while recovering from the fracture.

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