NY Chiropractic and Physical Therapy With Back & Body

Life in New York City is as fast as life gets.  Gridlocked traffic, teeming sidewalks and aggressive competition for every commodity there is can get to you.

Sometimes the way life in New York gets to you is through your body.  When you’re stressed to the max, your body will tell you.  Stress can manifest as muscle knots and pain.

When you’re tense, your body responds by sending messages that something’s not right.  That’s when you need to take a step back and honestly ask yourself if you need medical support.

Back & Body Medical in Manhattan has received countless awards for its integrated model of multi-disciplinarian pain relief.  Based on the premise that every body is different, the team at Back & Body creates individualized programs of care, drawing on diverse disciplines.

Integrated care.

A visit to Back & Body means getting what you need.  There’s no cookie cutter approach here.  We’re staffed by a team of medical professionals practicing sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture.

Collaborating as a team, we combine forces to bring you multi-disciplinarian pain management and relief that gets to the root causes of pain and effectively addresses them.

Our award-winning model is innovative and starts with advanced diagnostics and detailed intake.  Before we begin assembling a plan for you, we examine every facet of your medical history and review the results of diagnostics that reveal underlying causes for pain that might not be obvious at first glance.

Because you’re one of a kind, Back & Body provides personalized medical support that offers patients four distinct disciplines under one roof.  Combining therapeutic responses is an innovative approach. What’s special about that is simple – you don’t spend your time racing from specialist to specialist in search of relief.

All the care you need is right here, in one convenient facility.

A world of support.

Back & Body’s team of clinicians offers our patients a world of support, drawing on a vast suite of therapies and treatments under the four specializations offered here.  We combine treatments to arrive at the strategy that works for you.

The team at Back & Body treats you as a unique individual with distinct physical needs.  We know that one size does not fit all, so we support patients accordingly, with individualized care plans that address pain effectively.

We’re here to relieve pain innovatively, offering you a world of support you won’t find anywhere else.

Pain relief that works, with Back & Body.

NY chiropractic and physical therapy can make a tremendous difference to the way you feel, if you’re suffering from pain issues.  Our clinicians are also dedicated to prevention and patient education concerning posture and movement anomalies that might be contributing to pain without their knowledge.

With Back & Body, you have a healthcare resource at your disposal that has garnered awards for its exceptional model of pain relief.

Contact us for NY chiropractic and physical therapy that works.  Outstanding multi-disciplinarian pain relief and healthcare support are yours with Back & Body.

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