New York Women and Back Pain Part 1

New York back pain woman

Humans are bipeds, which means two-legged animals. This means that our spines will endure larger loads than four legged animals. These larger loads on our spines lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis much sooner in life than that of lions, tigers, bears, and your domestic dog or cat. About 90 percent of us also have one leg that is shorter than the other but a bout a quarter of an inch. This can tilt the pelvis down on the side that has the shorter leg and leads to higher risks for back and neck pain. A simple fix is a heel lift in the shoe, but unfortunately, women are faced with unique anatomical, physiological, and social challenges when faced with back pain. For New York Women and back pain some other thinking is required.

Women have naturally wider pelvises in order to give birth. This means a greater Q angle or “knock knee” measurement in women versus males. The larger that this Q angle is, the less stable the pelvis is. You can compare this to folding the legs of a card table inward, because this makes the table unsteady.

Breast size (weight and mass) is another anatomical difference between women and men. Larger breasts can place stress on the back and neck. In order to avoid this, wear a high quality supporting bra or in the worst case, having a breast reduction.

Hormone levels and variability is an example of a physiological difference between women and men. These levels change more significantly through a woman’s life than a man’s. Estrogen begins producing when menstruation starts (age 9-14), as=nd stops during menopause (ages 49-52). A total hysterectomy, a removal of the ovaries, creates an early menopause.

During your childhood, growth spurts are common. Along with this can come idiopathic scoliosis or abnormals curvature of the spine. Idiopathic stands for unknown, and the reason why women are three times more likely to get scoliosis than men is idiopathic as well. Treatment varies from person to person and the severity of the problem. You may have to wait and watch to see how it develops over time, or the doctor might delv right into manual therapies and posture correction. This includes heel lifts, foot orthotics, and other specific exercises for forward head carriage. Bracing is necessary when curves exceed 40 degrees.

For New York women and back pain, come in and see us. We have many treatment options that can help you. From chiropractic care, physical therapy to more traditional medical services, our multi-disciplined office can help treat you and your pain. And of course we are happy to provide you with exercises and other advice and tips to help you stay pain free.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we would be happy to help you.

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