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Our New York whiplash doctor found that studies show that in a rear end collision, injuries described as whiplash associated disorders (WAD) happen because of hyperextension of the lower cervical spine and hyperflexion of the upper cervical spine. This can lead to many injuries to the bony / soft tissues of the neck. Some of these can not have symptoms for hours, days, or weeks after a motor vehicle collision.

Usually, doctors tell their patients with an acute whiplash injury tp limit their movement, which could have included the use of a cervical collar. Our New York Whiplash doctor wants to tell you that in more recent studies, researchers have found that limiting movement in the neck can really hinder recovery from WAD. This new data proposes that premature mobilization could improve outcomes for WAD patients. In the long run, this could reduce their risk for long term disability, which is good news.

Most of the time, doctors of chiropractic like New York Whiplash doctor uses spinal manipulation (sm), which is high velocity, low amplitude thrust applied to certain joints in the neck, mid-back, low back, pelvic regions, along with to extremity joints. Sm enhances the mobility of spinal facet joints. This allows for an increase in the global range of motion of the neck.

Additionally, sm breaks the vicious pain cycle, where the inflow of sensory information to the brain is thin. This reduces the reflex muscle spasm and accompanying pain. New York Whiplash doctor wants you to know that there is a lot of existing evidence that sm increases pain tolerance or thresholds by modulating central brain sensory processing. Along with this, there are measurable neuro-endocrine benefits following sm and some other measurable “somato-visceral’ reflex responses.

Not only does chiropractic management of wad include sm, but includes soft tissue therapies, exercise training, physiotherapy modalities (electric stim, ultrasound, laser or light therapy), nutritional counseling, and ergonomic modifications. Chiropractic doctors often co manage whiplash patients with other healthcare professionals.

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