New York Neck Pain Management Strategies

woman with neck pain

The human head weighs between 12 and 15lbs, so as you can imagine it puts quite a bit of pressure on the neck and upper back. It is the cause of much pain, especially when people look at their phones as the tendency is to look down. This adds more to the weight of the head and increases muscle work, as much as an additional 10lbs per inch the head is forward. Ultimately, it can cause pain. So we have some New York neck pain management strategies to help you with this.

Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to help and prevent further pain. Here’s a few of them:


This first technique will take a few months to help train yourself to create the right head posture. Tuck your head down and create a double chin. Talk while doing this and hold the position for ten seconds. Slowly release (still talk) and as soon as your voice sounds clearer, try and keep this position throughout the day.


Because your neck is generally narrower than your head, many people find that their pillow is not right. The pillow should support your neck rather than your head, so try and ensure that your pillow is thicker at the edge and your neck will be better supported.


The next New York neck pain management strategy deals with activity and exercise. If you already exercise and do sport, you may need to change the way you do things including length of time. Do not go into it full throttle, but slowly build up the activity over time and allow your body to keep up. If you’re finding that you have hurt yourself and it takes more than a couple of days to heal, you’ve overdone it.

Chiropractic Care

Regular chiropractic treatment is vital to maintaining a good healthy neck through spinal manipulation to help decompress joints and keep things working properly. Many of our New York neck pain management strategies include educating you to the right exercises, stretches and also providing proper therapies to help your situation and condition. Self management is ultimately the key component in having a healthy neck, but we can help and guide you as well.

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