New York Knee Pain Treatment Options

Knee Pain Treatment in New York

We have been seeing many knee pain treatment patients in New York recently and wanted to make a blog post that looks at this issue and how to solve it. Knee pain can be caused from a number of things like: degeneration, injury, or wrong movements. Here are some ways you can treat knee pain treatment in New York.

Chiropractic Care

We specialize in chiropractic care, and we would take measures to evaluate your whole body, not just the knee. Sometimes, knee pain can be caused by other injuries or problems in the body. For instance, the hips and knees have a direct relationship, therefore treating the hips may help with the knee pain.

Cold Laser Therapy

We use cold lasers to stimulate soft tissue which increases blood flow and helps decrease healing time. This is perfect for treating knee issues. The treatment is non invasive, and you will only feel as much as a slight tingle while the treatment is applied. Cold laser and chiropractic work in harmony.

Hip Exercises

Like we discussed above, the hips and knees have a relationship, so physical therapy on the hip may gradually improve knee pain. A study was conducted with 36 knee pain patients, 18 men and 18 women. They got split into two groups comprised of 9 men and women each. The first group did knee therapy for three months, the other did hip therapy for three months. At the end, the research concluded that while both groups experienced improvements, the hip exercise group had better outcomes.

All of these knee pain treatments in New York will work best together to help you achieve maximum pain relief. They are all non invasive, contain minimal side effects, and do not require medication. If you have knee pain in New York, try physical therapy to see how that helps, or come see us today.

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