In New York City Seeking the Right Chiropractor? You Can Stop Looking.

New York City

Let’s face it, New York City is huge and it seems that everyone you talk to “knows about a guy who knows about a guy”.  But when you’re here in New York City looking for a chiropractor, you don’t have time for anecdotes and guessing.  You need help.  Now.

At Back and Body Medical, we believe in supporting our patients with New York City’s most professional chiropractic medicine team.  Every chiropractor we hire is a skilled, highly-trained professional, with years of experience.  What’s even better is that we work across therapeutic disciplines.  Sometimes a chiropractor is just the beginning of the solution to your issue.  That’s why Back and Body Medical has assembled a comprehensive team of specialists under one roof.

Finding all the care you need in the same place is pretty special in a place like New York City.  What could be more annoying than finding the right chiropractor and then having to make it to an appointment with a different specialist, in another part of town?  When you’re in pain, that’s the last thing you need.   What you need is comprehensive care, in a facility dedicated to finding you the right combination of therapies, tailored to your needs.

At Back and Body Medical, that’s exactly who we are.  We’re your comprehensive solution.  We have assembled New York City’s best team of specialists.  Each chiropractor on our team is at the top of the profession.  They’re backed up by a supportive group of professionals here to build you the right care program so you can start healing.

Patient-Centered Care

Back and Body’s multi-disciplinarian approach to patient care acknowledges the uniqueness of everyone who comes to us for treatment.  A chiropractor may be all you need.  But sometimes, you’ll need a physical therapist, as well.  At Back and Body, you’ll find both, consulting with one another to arrive at the therapeutic plan best suited to your healing.

At Back and Body Medical, we don’t have a cookie cutter.  Our patient-centered therapeutic process starts when you walk through the door.  Working as a team, we put you first, involving you in every stage of treatment.  With Back and Body, you’re a part of all we do and the focus of our care.

Diagnostic Excellence

A lot of people in New York City seem to be looking for the right chiropractor.  That can be a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With Back and Body, you can stop digging through anecdotal assessments and start being treated by dedicated professionals. Your care will also be supported by award-winning diagnostic excellence.

With Back and Body, there’s no guesswork.  We rely on state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and methods.  These help us pinpoint the source of your issue and solve the problem with evidence-based treatment that’s been extensively proven effective by scientific research.

If you’re in New York City in need of a reliable, professional chiropractor, you can stop digging through that haystack.  The chiropractor you need is here, on our elite team of medical professionals.

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