Neck Pain Relief Manhatten from Slouching

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A study done in 2015 by Swedish researchers compared the effect of slouching vs a normal body posture when performing lifting exercises. Neck pain relief in Manhattan is going to give you the details of this study.

The researchers wanted to find out if slouching affects neck, shoulder, and muscle function in the three largest muscle groups: the upper trapezius (ut), lower trapezius (lt), and the serratus anterior (sa), while doing arm elevations to see if it affects the range of motion, muscle activation patterns, maximal muscle activity, and overall muscle work.

The participants chosen were young adult males, who were not injured. They performed maximum arm elevations in upright and slouched postures. The researchers observed these postures using 3D movement, and EMG. What these exactly measured were range of motion, velocity, and spine curvature simultaneously with EMG activity in all three muscle groups.

Neck Pain Relief in Manhattan has the results of this research: The team found that the young men in the slouched position experienced much less arm elevation and less movement velocity upwards and downwards, as well as increased peak muscle activity. Basically, the muscles had to work harder.

So in conclusion, slouching leads to a marked increase in physical requirements when doing basic arm exercises. As time goes on, changes in function could possibly put stress on the muscles, tissues, and joints of the neck/shoulder, which results in pain and injury. Neck Pain Relief Manhattan wants you to know that the findings from this study can lead to new research that point at long term effects of bad posture and understanding how bad posture increases the risk of serious disorders.

Neck Pain Relief Manhattan also wants you to know that if you have neck pain, you should be investigated and treated for these issues.

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