More Springtime Exercise Motivation in Manhatten

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In the last article, we gave some tips on how you can stay motivated with exercise during the springtime in Manhattan. In this article, we will be giving even more tricks on how to achieve this.

Making it convenient is important to do to stay motivated. Don’t join the coolest, newest gym that is 30 minutes away or halfway across town. Pick a gym that is close by to your work or home so that it is easy and convenient to get there. Don’t chose something that is based on a fad, chose something that you’ll know you will be able to get to very easily.

Also, chose a time to workout that is realistic. If you’re a person that has a difficult time waking up in the morning to go to work, it would be a poor choice to try to decide to wake up an hour earlier than work just to get to workout. Realistically, your adherence to that plan is going to be low. If you’re a person that doesn’t mind staying up later, perhaps go to the gym right after work and then eat following that. It would be a good idea and a better way to adhere to your plan.

Another way is to record your progress. If you record your progress by writing down what workouts you did when on the calendar will help you stay motivated and will also make you notice your incremental increases so that you can stay positive through the process.

Lastly, build a support among friends. Let’s say you did plan for that adventure run with friends. Or why don’t you recruit a few friends to join you in a workout. This is where a small group or fitness program works out very well. Large gyms tend to not be a social atmosphere, but small gyms or fitness classes tend to do just that. People tend to be more personal and friendly, and know more about each other. This leads to people motivating each other through the workout.

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