The 6th Most Debilitating Illness in the World

woman with migraine

Migraine headaches are no joke.  Every day, 38 million Americans suffer from them, but the global statistics are staggering – 1 billion people suffer from disabling migraine pain.  These numbers cry out for medical responses which are effective, offering pain relief for this widespread neurological problem.

At Back & Body Medical, we treat migraine sufferers every day at our facility in New York City.  Migraines aren’t just headaches; they’re catastrophic attacks on the wellbeing of sufferers.  Migraines can send them to a dark room for days on end, losing valuable work hours, damaging relationships and affecting the quality of life.

That’s why it’s important to us that our team is able to offer innovative responses to the growing epidemic of migraines.  From the diverse skill set of our clinical team, we draw on a wide array of therapeutic responses which offer migraine sufferers an alternative, evidence-based approach to the problem.

We assemble care programs which draw on disciplines as diverse as chiropractic and acupuncture to treat migraines.  Every patient is different.  At Back & Body Medical, we honor that and apply personalized, integrated care to offer migraine relief to those who suffer from this disabling illness.

Understanding migraines.

Migraines aren’t just bad headaches.  Migraines represent a chronic condition.  They can plummet sufferers into a world of pain in which they can’t function, even minimally.  They strike suddenly and often, frequently.

Once believed to result from a constriction of the blood vessels, migraine is now understood to be a much more complex condition.  The modern medical understanding of migraines has evolved to classify them as a response to neurological anomalies, involving the neural pathways and the brain’s chemistry.

As medical science reaches toward a definitive understanding of the root causes of migraines, the clinical community is responding in innovative ways to offer migraine relief.  At Back & Body Medical, we’re in the vanguard of offering complementary, integrated responses, drawing on a variety of treatment models.

Multi-disciplinarian migraine relief.

Back & Body Medical is a multi-disciplinarian medical facility which offers a diversified approach to migraine relief.  Each patient is subject to a state-of-the-art diagnostic process on intake.  From the information we glean from our advanced diagnostics, we assemble a migraine pain relief package drawing on our specialized areas and the treatments which fall under their rubrics.

This is a modern approach to treating migraine pain which acknowledges that a combination of therapies is the most effective means of treating each individual case.  Sometimes, the answer is chiropractic, or chiropractic combined with therapeutic massage.  Sometimes it’s acupuncture.  Because our patients are individuals, our multi-disciplinarian care acknowledges that individuality, taking each case as unique and treating each patient as one-of-a-kind.

Contact us for modern migraine relief.

If you’re one of 38 million Americans who suffers from disabling migraines, contact the multi-disciplinarian team at Back & Body Medical.  We offer effective migraine pain relief packages that address your condition as unique, employing complex care programs.  We offer hope for relief from migraine pain.

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