Migraine Relief – Let’s Silence that Jackhammer in Your Head

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When you’ve got a migraine, it can seem like a jackhammer is pounding in your cranium.  The disabling, throbbing pain of migraines is a debilitating reality for people all over the United States of America, affecting 38 million people.

Let’s face it.  New York City is loud.  Proudly so.  But when you suffer from migraines, the jackhammer is in your head, not on the street.  The ambient racket just adds to your misery.

Back & Body Medical specializes in diversified care, drawing on a wide array of therapeutic options which offer migraine sufferers a multi-pronged, evidence-based approach to the problem.

We assemble care programs which draw on disciplines as diverse as chiropractic and acupuncture to treat migraines, because different treatments work for different people, sometimes in combination.  We work together, as a team, to silence the jackhammer in your head.

Getting to the bottom of migraines.

Migraines represent a chronic condition.  They can plunge sufferers into depths of pain in which they find it impossible to live normal lives.  They strike suddenly and often frequently, disabling those who suffer from them for days at a time.

Migraines were once believed to be the result of constriction in the blood vessels.  But research has now discovered that migraines are the symptom of a much more complex condition.  Our clinical understanding of migraines has developed over years of research into their causes.  Migraines are now classified, therefore, as a response to neurological anomalies, involving brain function and chemistry.

The scientific community continues to delve into the root causes of migraines.  Concurrently, the clinical community is responding in new ways, blazing innovative trails which offer effective migraine relief in New York City.  At Back & Body Medical, we’re in the forefront of offering multi-disciplinarian responses, drawing on a variety of treatment models.  While research into migraines is ongoing, the team at Back & Body knows that a clinical response which applies a variety of pain relief therapies is the fast track to silencing that persistent jackhammer.

Migraine relief that works.

Back & Body Medical’s integrated facility in New York City offers a diversified approach to migraine relief.  Our leading edge diagnostics allow us to get a snapshot of the overall health of our patients and the nature of their particular type of migraine pain.  What we glean from our advanced diagnostics allows us to assemble migraine pain relief care plans which draw on our specialized areas to create the right plan for each patient.

This is an innovative approach to treating migraine pain.  It acknowledges that combined therapies can work together most effectively to treat the individual patient.  Combining chiropractic with therapeutic massage, or acupuncture may be the right answer for one patient, while another may require other therapeutic models.  Our patients are individuals.  Our multi-disciplinarian care acknowledges that and evaluates each case as unique – each patient as different than the next.

Contact us for innovative migraine relief.

If you’re ready to silence the jackhammer in your head, contact the team at Back & Body Medical in New York City.  We offer effective migraine pain relief, tailored to your condition.

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