Where Can I Find a Medical Massage Near Me?

a female therapist massaging female patient's legs

Massage has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.  With a wide variety of disciplines falling under the therapeutic rubric “massage,” it’s been handed down through time in many world cultures.

From the Native Americans to the ancient cultures of the Indian sub-continent, there are massage disciplines to address conditions as diverse as fibromyalgia and stress.  Massage is relied on by millions of people all over the world to enhance their health and wellness.

Medical massage is an evidence-based treatment.   It produces striking results for those who have sustained injuries in automobile and workplace accidents, sciatica sufferers and injured runners and athletes.

Medical massage near me?  That’s us.

At Back & Body Medical, our team believes in therapies which preclude the use of drugs to treat a wide variety of physical complaints.  We’re dedicated to providing our patients with proven therapies that speed healing and recovery.

Medical massage is performed by trained professionals.  Soreness, inflammation, and tight muscles can be treated with a care program which employs it strategically.  You may be injured, or recovering from surgery.  You may suffer from migraines. Whatever your physical issue, at Back & Body Medical the medical massage specialists are trained to address it.

A comprehensive facility.

Back & Body Medical is a comprehensive facility.  At our state of the art clinic, we offer a wide range of therapeutic options.  Medical massage is only one of them.

During our detailed intake process, each patient’s overall health and wellness is reviewed with care by our team.  From that starting point, leading-edge diagnostic tools are applied and a personalized program of treatment developed.

At Back & Body, we believe in evidence.  Research and scientific inquiry are the bedrock of our practice.  Because your recovery matters to us, we employ only therapies proven effective by empirical methodologies.

Medical massage can help.

Medical massage has many applications.  It can help improve muscle strength and circulation, which boosts the immune system.  It’s also proven effective in alleviating stress.  The range of motion and flexibility can be greatly enhanced by pursuing a program of medical massage.

At Back & Body Medical, we believe in the wisdom of your body.   The human body has within it the power and capacity to heal.  Because we’re active people ourselves, our medical massage services are uniquely suited to those who love to play, win and be at their very best.

Our sports focus.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an NBA professional, our medical massage team is committed to the therapeutic needs of active people.

Dr. David Perna, a two-time Ironman, leads our sports therapy clinicians.  Because of our keen interest in supporting the wellbeing of athletes as part of our focus on overall health, Back & Body is a key resource for sports people.

If you’re seeking the kind of medical massage athletes rely on to stay in the game, contact us.  “Medical massage near me?”.  That’s us.  Back & Body Medical is your licensed team, close to home.

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