How to Find a Mattress That Optimizes Sleep and Minimizes Pain

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About one-quarter to one-third of our lives are spent on our mattresses.  That’s a big chunk of time and because of that, it matters what we choose to sleep on.

Your mattress isn’t just a place to lay down and go to sleep.  It’s a tool which allows us to get the right kind of sleep (which includes deep or REM sleep).  Without the right kind of sleep, we’re not at our best.  In fact, if our mattresses are robbing us of needed sleep, they’re robbing us of quality of life.  There’s a reason that sleep deprivation is an acknowledged form of torture.

Quality sleep is a pillar of good health and a bulwark against high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.  Spending a little money on the right mattress is, therefore, crucial.

Things to Think About

A lot of us tend not to think of our mattresses in the terms described above.  Rather, we think any old thing will do.  But let me ask you this – when you come home from vacation and you sleep in your own bed again, are you overjoyed, or are you longing for the mattress you slept on while you were away?  The answer can tell you something.

For one, if your mattress is unduly uncomfortable, it may well have become too old to properly support your spine as you sleep.  Most mattresses lose their ability to support you after 5 – 10 years.  If your mattress is older than that, it’s time to think about replacing it.  Memory foam mattresses are reasonably durable, with about 10 years’ life, with latex mattresses offering about 15 years.

Take note of the condition of your mattress.  Does it sag where you usually sleep?  Are you achy in the morning when you wake up?  If the answer to these questions is “yes”, it’s probably time to think about a replacement.

And when you buy that new mattress, be aware that it can take your body up to 1 month to properly adjust to your new sleeping normal.  Take advantage of trial offers which allow you to “test drive” your mattress of choice.  It may feel great when you lay down on it in the store, but your body needs time to absorb the change.

Qualities to Look for

Probably the most important feature of any mattress is the amount of pressure you experience on your joints while lying on it.  The shoulders and hips are particularly sensitive to pressure while lying down and this can seriously impact your spine.

Much depends on your size and shape.  It’s always a good idea to read reviews online, specifically from those who have the same physical profile as you.

Your mattress should also be supportive of your spine and joints and offer a sense of being “buoyed up”.  A resilient mattress sees you waking up pain-free because it’s supportive.

Firmness in a mattress is extremely important.  If it dips when you lay on it, it’s too soft.

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