Mask Acne Treatment

Mask acne

Mask Acne Treatment – How to Improve Your Skin

The pandemic has caused mayhem across the planet. We all hope we can get through it as quickly as possible and return to normality soon. It may take some time though and we will most likely be social distancing and wearing masks for some time yet.

Masks have been a big bone of contention among the population. We’ve seen many arguments for and against, raised emotions and feelings of loss of freedom. The bottom line is that it is going to be a requirement to wear in public places for the foreseeable future.

While the main reason for wearing a mask is to reduce potential possibilities of spreading infection, of course wearing them can and does come at a cost. Particularly in the summer. One side effect of wearing a mask is mask acne.

Dr Seemal Desai, an associate professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has stated that he has seen many instances of acne flare ups, particularly around the lips and nose from people wearing masks for some time. This type of acne is typically called perioral dermatitis.

He prescribed several things that people can do to help prevent the condition and treat it as well.

Wash Your Mask

After every use, you should be washing your mask. If using a disposable one, dispose of it after a couple of uses.

Skin Care Products

Use gentle skin care products that will help your skin and if you are already using a product, don’t switch to a new one (unless you are having trouble with your existing product). Don’t use oily products and products that are harsh.

Petroleum Products

These are a big no, no. Aside from causing further skin problems they may even interfere with the integrity of the mask and the seal. This is particularly important if a person is working in the healthcare industry.

While wearing a mask all the time isn’t ideal, we have to do it. Hopefully we can get the pandemic under control sooner rather than later and we can ease off the use of face masks. But until then, try and keep the above points in mind to help your skin and prevent mask acne.

Remember, we are here for you to help you out of pain. If you are in pain and need help, we are here, masks and all. Schedule an appointment here.


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