Manhatten Doc Asks: Is Salt Really Bad for Your Heart?

Following on from our health benefits of organs post earlier in the week, this next one looks at the impact of salt on your heart.

Is sodium intake as bad as they once thought for your heart? 

Today’s study comes from the American Society for Nutrition.

It asks the question: Does reducing salty foods and sodium intake act as helpful on the heart as they once thought?

The reason that they’re talking about this is because there was heart study in which they followed 2600 male and females and tracked what their sodium intake was. What they found during this study was among these people if sodium intake was less than 2500 mg per day, those those people had a higher chance of having high blood pressure vs those who ingested 2500 mg or more!

Despite the results of this heart study, the American Heart Association current stance is that further studies need to be done before they change their thoughts on sodium intake and its effects on high blood pressure.

So don’t just head for the salt shaker quite yet!

Ultimately, as with many things in life, moderation is key. Be mindful of what you are consuming and keep an eye out for new updates on the effects of salt on the body, in particular the heart in the future. Science is always questioning and studying more and more to understand the effects of salt on the body.

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