Lower Back Pain after a Fall in Manhattan

Lower Back Pain after a Fall

Lower back pain after a fall is never pleasant. Falling can also lead to many other problems in older adults such as impaired mobility or early death. Today, we will be giving you steps to take that will help reduce your risk of falling to lead to a longer and more quality, pain free life. Let’s take a look at some studies.

Studies show that seniors who have a history of falling usually have impaired balance and weakened muscle strength, mostly in the lower back. Let’s dive depper into how we can prevent lower back pain after a fall. I think you’ll be surprised to hear the answer.

A study was done where researchers compared three fall prevention approaches. These three were:

  • Educational classes
  • Home safety assessments
  • Exercise training

The individuals in the exercise training group ended up having the lowest risk of falling.

Now that we know that the exercise group had the lowest risk of falls, let’s dive even deeper. Another study compared exercise on a stationary bike versus movement exercises through the video game system, exergames. Those in the exergames group had more improvements in their mobility and balance compared to those in the stationary bike group. Taken together, these are the best method in preventing falls which therefore reduce their risk of lower back pain after a fall.

A recent 2020 study involved active duty military personnel with chronic back pain. By using chiropractic care alongside a rehabilitative program including isometric and balance exercises resulted in improved functioning in the back, and better balance. One other study suggested that a twelve week chiropractic treatment program helped to improve sensorimotor function in older adults.

The last group of studies we will be discussing today found that seniors with neck pain, lower back pain, hip, knee, and foot pain, were all more likely to have impaired balance. These results came from over 39 studies involving 17,626 seniors.

Through the studies and information we have provided, it is clear that lower back pain after a fall can be prevented through addressing the current muscoloskelatel issues. Wait no longer; call and book your chiropractic appointment today.

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