Low Back Pain Doctors - Where Should You Go?

low back pain doctor

Low Back Pain Doctors

Figuring out what type of healthcare provider to initially visit when it comes to low back pain can be challenging. There are many options in choosing low back pain doctors, but finding the best option may take some effort.

A 2015 study review this question and found that the healthcare provider a patient initially visited plays a huge part on both their long and short term prognosis.

Let’s look further into this 2015 study:

Researchers looked at 719 patients with low back pain.

403 of these patients initially visited with a medical physician and the remaining patients visited first with a chiropractor.

Those who visited the chiropractor first experienced a greater reduction in their low back pain and were more satisfied with their care. In addition, the average cost of chiropractic treatment was $360 less than the average cost of treatment from a medical doctor.

A study in 2019 used another approach:

It took medical Records from over 216,000 patients with no use of opioids and who had onset back pain to see if initial provider had any influence on future prescription narcotic use. 22% of these received a prescription for an opioid in the short term, but patients who initially saw a chiropractor were less likely to require opioids for short or long term use.

Another study found this:

Finally, a study followed a set of 2870 acute and chronic low back pain patients for four years. Research concluded the chiropractic care give more favorable short term outcomes for patients with chronic low back pain.

Both of these patients reported better outcomes in the long term after seeing a chiropractor.

You can even reduce your risk of needing a surgical procedure by seeing a chiropractor first. In 2013 a study was done that looked at data from Washington state workers compensation cases. This research found that 43% of injured workers with back pain who initially consulted with a certain ended up having a procedure done. Only 1.5% of those who received chiropractic treatment eventually had a surgical treatment.

At Back and Body Medical, we offer patients our expert chiropractors to help resolve low back pain. Our low back pain doctors are trained to treat the cause of the complaint to end pain and help the patient back to normal.

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