Little League Elbow Treatments

Little League Elbow Treatments

While we might currently be in the middle of winter, thoughts and preparations for the new baseball season ahead are already being made. Same is true for the Little leaguers, the would be heros of baseball of the future. This is where it all starts for some of them. While it’s great watching the kids play, and sometimes more exciting than the pro game itself, we do have to be careful with our kids and understand that they can easily be injured as well.

We’ll take a look at three main injuries that baseballers seem to get in their elbows, a pretty key part of any pitcher or batter’s arsenal. These injuries are formed by what’s known as late arm, pronated forearm and early trunk rotation.

Late Arm

When pitching, at the point of where the stride step reaches the ground, the pitching arm should be about 90 degrees to the ground. If the angle is less than 45 degrees, then the elbow is likely to have an excess of stress upon it, thus potentially causing injury.

Pronated Forearm

Pronated forearm occurs when the ball is facing 2nd base and the position of the hand isn’t behind the ball. With the incorrect position of hand and ball, then the pitch will not only be wrong, but the chances of injury will increase as this type of common form puts an excess of stress on the elbow. This is easily fixed through good coaching.

Early Trunk Rotation

The trunk rotation and when the foot lands during the stride is all important in helping avoid a common repetitive strain injury. Half the ball velocity is generated through the turn and stride, but if the ball is not thrown at the appropriate point in one smooth action, the result is again excess stress on the elbow and shoulder too. If this isn’t corrected during a game, then injury may well occur and the batting team may also get a few home runs.

The key to this is good coaching skills and players willing to listen, practice and apply.

However, if injury does occur, we at Back & Body Medical are here to help. Our practice is also geared to helping people in all forms of sport recover from their injuries properly and effectively. Moreover, we also educate and correct any mistakes so as to prevent future injury.

If you are in pain, suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches or whatever, come in and see us, we can help. We also accept insurance and would be delighted to help you out of pain. Call us today or Schedule an appointment.

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