Let's Get Back to Running

As the weather gets warmer, we at Back and Body Medical in New York wants to remind you that we are here for you. We know that things can get exciting once the weather returns back to normal because that means sports start back up. Today we will be focusing on running. We are going to give you five tips on how to prevent common running injuries. Let’s get started.

Tip one: Stretching.

Including a stretching program into your routine can go a long way. Try stretching 5 to 10 minutes before and after each run. This will make a huge difference. You can also use a foam roller or medical massage which will help stretch out the muscles and warm up the muscles.

Tip two: Take it slow.

As it gets warmer and you start increasing your mileage, increase no more than 10% per week. Going from 0 to 100 is harsh for your body and muscles, and will lead to possible injury. Take it slow since your body isn’t used to that intensity level yet. It takes time to build up endurance.

Tip three: Footwear.

If your shoes are worn out or not the proper model for your foot and running style, you will be more susceptible to injury. An improper shoe can create changes to your gait. This leads to injury and pain in your feet legs knees and hips. Take a trip to a specialty running shop where you can be properly fitted for running shoes. Make sure to replace the shoes every 350 to 500 miles.

Tip four: Poor posture.

Having good upper body form means staying upright and keeping the shoulders back and relaxed. If the shoulders are hunching, you will not only be achy during or after the run, but you will have more difficulty breathing. be sure to include core exercises in your training, which will help your overall posture. You can also come visit us at Back and Body Medical for spinal manipulation to help you with your posture goals.

Tip 5: Foot orientation.

Running with your feet pointed out will make you more likely to experience ankle or knee issues. Avoid twisting sideways when you run. Make sure to keep your feet and legs parallel and run in a straight line to do so. This will reduce the rotation of your ankles and knees. You may need to do this in short intervals during your run as it may feel uncomfortable and unnatural at first. That is completely OK. It will take time to get used to this.

At Back and Body Medical, we treat runners who have IT band problems, shin splints, low back pain, and more. Make sure to follow all of these tips if you plan on running this season. Come and visit us today if you are experiencing any pain due to running.

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