Learning About Graston: New York City Specialists Share Facts

When you experience some form of damage or trauma to the bodily tissue, like a pulled tendon, ligament or fascia, or a strained muscle, scar tissue can develop as a natural part of the healing process. However, the scar tissue is not like normal and healthy muscle, which is formed of collagen and assumes a striated (lined up and parallel to one another) fashion that enables flexibility and contraction. Instead, there is poor structural organization in the regenerating muscle and tissue, and so there is less flexibility and function, and the person can also feel pain.

One of the recommended treatment options that can address scar tissue is a technique called Graston New York City is home to multidisciplinary centers that bring together trained and accredited clinicians who can perform the technique using specialized instruments. Here are key points about the technique that are useful to know if you are seeking relief from problems caused by scar tissue (ask your primary physician if this option would be a good fit for your condition).

The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy that is also known as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy. This evidence-based form of treatment enables practitioners to detect and treat scar tissue to restore a person’s normal function.

Specially designed stainless steel instruments are used for this therapy to detect the scar tissue, adhesions, and restrictions in the affected areas. Once the instruments pinpoint the location of the adhesions and scar tissue, they will then also be used to break up the scar tissue so that it can be effectively absorbed by the body.

The Graston Technique protocol typically involves brief warm-up exercises, the actual Graston Technique treatment, some stretching and strengthening, and then the use of ice. A person is usually encouraged to receive two treatment sessions per week over a period of four to five weeks. This protocol remains the same regardless of whether the patient’s injury is work-related or not.

 Essentially, the Graston Technique works to produce results that include:

  • Breakdown and separation of collagen cross-links, and the stretching of muscle fibers and tissue
  • Facilitation of reflex changes
  • Increased cellular activity in the affected region
  • Increased amount and rate of blood flow in the said area
  • Altered spinal reflexes

A clinic specializing in neck and back pain, which brings together different specialties (chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, sports medicine, etc.) can help you determine if the Graston Technique is the best treatment option for you, so make sure to pay a visit when you’re in New York City.

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