Laser Light Therapy for Treatment in Midtown Manhattan

Cold laser therapy is a treatment that has been available for the past 5 decades. It has had thousands of papers written on it and has shown great results in helping patients out of pain in a variety of different pain points including soft tissue injuries, joint pain and even arthritis. Every year more and more applications for the therapy are being discovered.

One of the truly great things about cold laser therapy is that it is non invasive, has little to no contra-indications and is very effective.

We have helped many people with the treatment at Back and Body over the years, including professional athletes and performers and of course our regular patients.

Indeed, very recently, Anonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders recently injured his feet during a cryotherapy session in France of all places. This particular injury occurred because he was only wearing socks and so when he returned back to the States, he turned to laser therapy to help heal the injury.

The lasers used to help him with the treatment of his injuries are the very same ones we use here at Back & Body in midtown Manhattan, class IV LiteCure lasers. These lasers help to relieve pain and also to augment the healing process.

Cold laser therapy helps to reduce inflammation, aid in regenerating tissue dysfunction and speed up the healing process. We even use it as a combination therapy with other treatment options we have to further decrease pain and help to improve functionality.

The treatment is getting better and better each year with more efficient lasers being produced all the time.

Check out a quick demonstration of one of our staff applying the therapy to our patient.

If you think cold laser therapy can help you, come in and talk to us. The treatment is non invasive and may certainly help your injury or pain.

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