Knee Pain Stopping Your Activity?

knee pain

Knee pain.  It’s a big one and it can sideline you a hurry.  Your knee joints do a lot of work for you, so it’s natural that there are times when they’ll complain.  Whether you’re active or not, injuries to the knee are common but for the most part, they’re entirely manageable.

Knee pain isn’t always the result of injuries.  There are so many reasons your knees can hurt, from arthritis to ligament and cartilage problems to cysts and of course, biomechanical issues.

Keep moving

For some types of knee pain, rest is certainly required, but coming to a complete halt isn’t the best idea.  Especially if you’re living with arthritis in one or both knee joints, a lack of exercise can make things worse.

Gentle activity like walking, swimming and Yoga can all contribute to a reduction in pain in the knees.  But checking in with your doctor for a program of therapeutic exercises will directly target the pain with prescribed movements.

The same is true if you’ve undergone knee replacement surgery.  You’ll be directed to a physical therapist as part of your recovery plan and provided with a series of exercises to strength your new joint.  Not following directions is a recipe for disaster in this instance.  Those exercises get you back up to speed.

Biomechanics at fault

Pain is your body’s way of letting your brain know that something’s not quite right.  Sometimes, pain signals that you’re injured.  It can also mean that you need to rest.  Sometimes, it’s telling you that you need to move.

And pain can also indicate that there’s a long term biomechanical issue at fault which needs to be corrected.  At Back & Body Medical, we can help with that.

Because we’re pain relief specialists working together, we create the conditions necessary to get to the root of your knee pain and address it, drawing on 4 distinct medical disciplines.  As a chiropractor, I dispense care which acknowledges the musculoskeletal system’s relationship to the nervous system.

Having physical therapists, acupuncturists and sports medicine expertise at my disposal allows me to broaden the treatments I offer patients, delivering targeted therapeutic responses which are highly personalized – tailored to the patient’s unique needs.

I specialize in biomechanical and postural issues which result in pain, helping you correct them.  A physical therapist is particularly useful in this respect, as the training received in that discipline dovetails with and complements my own.

A multi-disciplinarian response

At our conveniently located, award-winning facility in Manhattan, the pain relief professionals at Back & Body bring you individualized care that works with you to return to normal function and the quality of life you’re used to.

Because we’re patient-centered, we know that no two patients are the same.  That’s why we create care plans that respect individuality and deliver tailored responses.

Is knee pain stopping your activity?  It doesn’t need to.  With the multi-disciplinary model we practice at Back & Body, you’re in the poll position to get back to doing what you love, sooner than later.

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