Keys for a Successful Return to Spring Sports

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It’s been a long winter.  But now that spring is here, you’re probably itching to get out there and enjoy your favorite activities.  From cycling to softball, everyone who enjoys outdoor activities in the warm weather is ready to shake off the winter cobwebs.

But there are some keys for a successful return to spring sports you should be thinking about before you start shaking them off.  Let’s talk about what it takes to get back out there safely and intelligently.

Come See Me

If you only come in for an adjustment when something hurts, then you’re missing out on the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. Professional athletes swear by team chiropractors these days.

I do a whole lot more than make you feel better when you’ve been injured.  I can keep your body in the kind of alignment that spells “performance”.  With your central nervous system is functioning optimally and your range of motion at its best, you’ll get more from your activities.

Bonus:  You’ll be a lot less likely to injure yourself!

Let Your Body Know It’s Time to Play

Jumping off the couch and straight onto your bike or the field or track is a recipe for disaster.  Unless you’ve been keeping all the necessary muscles and joints primed and ready for action, starting up again from zero isn’t a great plan.

You’ll be more likely to injure yourself, for starters.

Instead, start readying your body to let it know you have plans for it – physically demanding plans.  You should be starting your preparation program weeks before starting the activity you’re planning to participate in, to ensure that you’re limber, strong and ready for action.

As you move into practices, games or longer rides or runs, tailor your preparation routine to reflect the intensity of your schedule.  Balance is the key.  Going at it too hard too soon will get you hurt.

Instant Gratification Is the Enemy

We love our instant gratification, don’t we?  Perhaps, but there is no such thing in the world of sport.

You need to prepare yourself adequately to be in the kind of shape required to enjoy your chosen sport to the fullest.  While it’s tempting to throw yourself out there with abandon, it’s also foolhardy.  I’m the guy who sees the results of that special brand of insanity and they aren’t pretty.

Even if you’ve been preparing religiously, you’ll still need to warm up properly before getting on your bike or running out onto the field.

The same goes for cooling down.  The game is over, but your body needs you to think about how stopping cold will affect it.  You need to acknowledge the transition your body is making from strenuous activity to rest by easing it into resting mode.

Stretching for a good ten minutes, implicating all the major muscle groups, is a must before you down that cold, post-game victory beer.

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