Ways to Keep Kids Active in Cold Weather

kids playing in the snow

You know kids.  Traditionally, they have a lot of energy and love running around and playing outdoors.  But when the mercury drops and the going gets cold, they can get a little lazy.

Just like adults.

But the cold weather is no reason for kids to languish indoors. With the rise of online gaming and the prevalence of mobile devices, they have plenty of excuses to do just that.  But the habits established in childhood tend to endure as we get older, so it’s worth the effort to encourage kids to stay active during the cold, winter months.

This post offers some ways to keep kids active in cold weather.  We know your little darlings will find plenty to like here, so make a point of sharing this information with them (in that stealthy, parental way).

Take Them Outside

While that may sound like a tall order, the way you frame the proposition is everything.  And you’re a parent, which means you’re way smarter than your littles.

Snow is an international draw for children.  There’s no question that the prospect of throwing that ephemeral white stuff around is pretty tempting, especially if you have a project in mind, like a snow fort, a snowman, or maybe a snowball war!

If your kids haven’t yet learned to skate, this may be the year you get them out there.  It doesn’t need to be Rockefeller Center and there are so many opportunities to learn.  Once the get their skates on, they won’t want to do much else, this winter.

On the Home Front

Here’s where parents take the lead.  Is there anything funnier than watching mom and dad dance to contemporary pop songs?  Make a total fool of yourselves and watch the kids happily join in, as they ape your hilarious “oldster” squirmings.  It’s fun for everyone and creates memories your kids will never forget (at your expense, of course).

Remember Twister?  Bust it out.  Get the whole family tangled up in a challenging game that keeps everyone laughing.

And today, there are so many electronic gadgets to get the kids moving (Wii, for example), that you can make physical activity fun in a contemporary electronic context.

Play Spaces and Rec Centers

Many community centers have dedicated play spaces.  Shop around and find an age appropriate one for your kids.  An outing to one of these will be welcomed and help you fight the winter doldrums by giving your kids a fun way to get out of the house.

Rec centers and YM/YWCAs tend to have indoor pools and exercise classes for every age group, so don’t forget to do your homework and find a great physical activity center near you with a range of great cold weather fun.

Other great options are bowling and indoor rock climbing.  These are the kinds of outings that will get the littles excited about getting up off the couch and moving around.

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