Jumper's Knee and What to do About it by Our NYC Therapist

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Our NYC therapist has some great info about a common knee injury. “Jumper’s Knee” is the term that describes an injury to the tendon that attaches the lower to the prominence on the proximal shin bone. This is the upper pole of the knee cap or patella to the quadriceps femoris muscle.

Jumpers knee affects about 20% of adult athletes in sports with a lot of jumping, like volleyball and basketball. People who are overweight or bow legged/ knock kneed or that have lower limbs that are unequal in length are at more of a risk for jumpers knee. If you have a poor jumping technique in your sport, or overtrain on a hard surface, you are at an increased risk for jumpers knee.

There are four different processes for jumpers knee:

Stage 1 is pain after activity with no disability.

Stage 2 is pain during and after with no disability.

Stage 3 is long pain during and after that affects your function.

Stage 4 is a full tendon tear which requires surgical repair.

There are different treatments used for jumpers knee, which our NYC therapist can provide for you.

You can reduce your knee activity, icing your knee for 15-30 mins after the activity and even more if you would like, an exam of the hip, knee, ankle, and foot to assess joint function, stretching your hamstrings, calfs, quads, hip flexors, butt, iliotibial band, and tissues around the knee cap, performing strengthening exercises that target quads and other leg muscle, ultrasound and other therapies to speed recovery, and finally taping to aid patellar tracking.

Chiropractors like our NYC therapists are trained to evaluate and treat the whole person and injury. Successful treatment for jumpers knee would inquire local knee care and management of the whole lower “kinetic chain.” This involves the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and pelvis.

If you are suffering from this or any other ailment, visit our NYC therapist to help relieve your pain. 

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