Injuries to Look Out for During Softball Season

softball on the grass

Whether you’re a kid playing on a community team, or an adult repping for your employer, softball is a fast-paced sport that can easily result in injury.

That’s especially true in the spring.  If you’ve been sitting around in the family cave to weather the winter, chances are you haven’t been very active.  That’s an invitation to injury.

I’ve compiled this primer on injuries to look out for during softball season to help you become more aware of potential injuries and (hopefully) avoid them.


Tendonitis in the arm, anywhere from the wrist to the shoulders, is a common softball injury.   When the tissue that connects muscle to bone is inflamed from repetitive motion, sustained over long periods of time, tendonitis is the result.

While conservative solutions like stretching and bracing are preferred, acute cases may require surgery.

Neck and back pain

Collisions on the softball diamond happen, especially when you’re trying to sneak a base run.  But neck and back pain can result from general strain and muscle overuse.

Preparing before every game with a stretching and general warm up routine will help protect you from this type of softball injury, but if pain in your neck or back has resulted from a collision, it’s always best to follow up with a medical professional.

The vulnerable knees

The anterior cruciate ligaments cross over your knee cap.  These can be torn in the course of play.  ACL is a very common injury in softball players, but not necessarily serious.  Most ACL injuries can be treated with physical therapy.

But severe cases of ACL usually require surgery and a follow up program of physical therapy to recover.

Rotator cuff tears

Even though softball players throw underhand, they’re as prone to this type of injury in the shoulder as baseball players are.

Most rotator cuff tears can be addressed by physical therapy, but usually take about 6 weeks to heal completely.  During that time, players who’ve sustained this type of injury should follow their therapist’s directions, performing only therapeutic exercises until the injury’s fully healed.

In serious cases, surgery may be required to repair the damage done to this crucial structure of the shoulder.

The best advice I can give you going into softball season is to ramp up your activity levels incrementally.  Ride a bicycle, walk a little further each day, jog a little, or do the activity you enjoy most to prepare your body for the demanding play required by the game of softball.

All competitive sports require preparation and warming up, pre-game.  I can’t stress this earnestly enough.  Do your stretches.  Don’t skip your warm up.  It’s the best way to avoid injuries while you’re enjoying a good game of softball.

Back & Body Medical

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, Back & Body specializes in athletic pain relief, practicing 4 distinct medical disciplines.  Chiropractic care is supported by physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture.

That’s a winning formula to get you back out on the diamond.  Contact us for an appointment.

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