How We Treat Low Back Leg Pain in Manhattan

How We Treat Low Back Leg Pain in Manhattan

Treat Low Back  Pain in Manhattan

How we treat low back pain is something that we specialize in. Low back related leg pain is a common condition, and they can be very complex. Today, we will be looking at the current treatments that we can provide you with. 

Our doctor will need to first determine if the leg pain is radicular or referred in nature. This helps to indicate which part of the low back will need to be addressed. Radicular means the presence of nerve root compression or a pinched nerve root, which is usually caused by a herniated disc. Referred leg pain comes from a ligament, joint, or tear in the outer layer of this disk. 

More clinical signs and symptoms which support radicular leg pain are a specific geographic tracing of the leg pain. This usually exceeds the level of the knee affecting the outer, top, or inside the foot. With radicular referred leg pain, there could be neurological loss like sensory impairment/muscle weakness in a localized area, or in muscles which help determine the nerve involved. 

Referred leg pain is usually described as a deep aching pain or numbness that is above the knee. There can also be other causes for the referred leg pain, making it harder to treat the low back pain.  

Studies haven’t shown much long term benefits of using prescription medicine, epidural corticosteroid injections, or surgery to treat this low back pain. But, there is some evidence that spinal manipulation is much more effective than no treatment, passive modalities, and exercise to treat referred leg pain. About 81 percent of chiropractors treat patients with this condition. 

The way we treat low back pain and referred leg pain has been successful when combining spinal manipulative therapy with exercise, and patient education. It is something that we take pride in doing as we aim to help every patient back to full fitness.

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