How to Take Meaningful Breaks from Your Phone

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We’re living in the mobile generation.  It’s all about being in constant contact with the world.

Could there be anything more stressful?

And yet, we’re all on the mobile device bandwagon, living and dying by the tyranny of the 21st Century phone.

We know there has to be a better way and what better time could there be to find that better way than at the dawn of a new year?  That’s why I decided to write this post, explaining how to take meaningful breaks from your phone.

Are you ready to have a less intense relationship with that little tyrant?  Let’s talk.

We Are Obsessed

People between the ages of 18 and 24 are more obsessed than most of us are with phones.  They send an average of 100 texts per day.  But we all check our phones at least 60 times every day.

I mean, that’s a little ridiculous, right?

The tyranny of the cell phone has become a source of stress for many.  In fact, I see some of the results of that stress in my chiropractic practice. People are anxious about missing calls, about running out of juice and about not having cell phone reception.  Anything which causes you stress is not helping because frankly, there’s enough stress to go around without adding mobile device stress.  So, let’s break the toxic cycle with some new habits.

Plug It In.  Leave It.

While your cell phone may help you do your job, it’s not a job unto itself.  It’s a tool.  So, when you’ve got stuff to do, plug it in and leave it to charge as you get on with the rest of your life.

Your inbox isn’t going to explode if you let it simmer for an hour, while you walk the dog, pick up your dry cleaning or get the groceries in.  In fact, you’ll look around at the world, no longer clutching that little tyrant as though it held the meaning of life in its super-modern circuitry and realize there’s a lot more to life than that device.

You Don’t Need to Know

Do you really need your phone pinging every few minutes to let you know that a friend has posted a picture of the great sandwich they’re eating for lunch?  No.  You don’t.  Unplugging yourself from notifications is the key to mobile device freedom.

Instead of the incessant pinging, elect to check in with the platforms that truly matter to you.  You don’t need to jump to attention every time you hear that little dictator buzzing.  Get rid of the notifications and get on with living.  It can all wait.

Curfew Yourself

Elect to stick to an electronics curfew after a certain hour.  This gets you away from the blue light of the LED display and into relaxation and sleep mode.

Use that time to do some of the other activities you like – like talking to your partner or spouse, They’re still there, you know!

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