How to Halloween Around Covid

Halloween Manhattan 2020

COVID has impacted our lives in various ways. The economy has taken a battering and many millions are still struggling for work. Socially, we are still impacted heavily and with the holiday fast approaching, with Halloween being the first of these, we felt it a good time to collate some top tips for being able to enjoy the time while still staying safe from the virus.

Well, let’s get the official stuff looked at first. The official CDC has laid out some guidelines for the holiday celebrations. You can check out their current stance here.

If you are worried or concerned about going out trick or treating, then don’t go. If you are in any doubt, then simply play it safe and check out these alternatives to try:

Halloween Movie Night

As a family (or even via video chat with other friends), pick out a few spooky movies and dress as some of your favorite characters while watching them. Halloween is on a Saturday night this year, so watching into the early hours of the morning may even make it more exciting.

Decorating Pumpkins

Covid or no Covid, this is tradition and can be done at your own home. Pick out some spooky designs to try and carve or come up with your own.

Virtual Costume Party

This can be great fun to do virtually with friends or family. Get your costume prepared and have an online parade. You can even try this outdoors as well, but don’t forget to socially distance to improve safety.

Trick & Treating

If you do decide to go trick and treating, be sure to continue to adhere to CDC guidelines and avoid crowds, respect social distancing and use masks whenever necessary. As the nights are drawing in, as ever, try and choose brighter costumes for kids so that you can see them easier when the light does go.

As ever, have fun, respect the CDC guidelines and remember that while things are trickier this year, you can still help to make it a memorable Halloween.

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