How to Get Regenerative Medicine at Back and Body NY

Because we only offer regenerative medicine at our New Jersey practice, we are helping NY patients by offering transport from our Manhattan practice to take you to New Jersey. This makes life easy for you and offers a nice few hours outside the city as well.

Dr Anita Dormer MD., is our regenerative medicine specialist at our Springfield practice. She has been working in the industry since early in its development and was one of the first to practice the therapy making her one of the most experienced doctors in the field.

She graduated from University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville and obtained board certifications from American Board of Internal Medicine, for Critical Care and Pulmonary Disease.

The early part of her career she spent working at an ICU as a critical care and pulmonary specialist. She specifically helped burns victims and particularly with skin healing and restoration. Eventually she opened her own practice in New York.

Through her immense experience and knowledge we believe she will be a key asset to Back and Body and of course to all our patients, including those from New York. Her focus is on results and helping her patients to get to the where they want to be in terms of their health.

We are delighted to have her on board here in our Springfield location where her knowledge and experience with regenerative medicine will be invaluable and enables Back and Body to offer yet another pain relieving and fitness enabling therapy option.

If you are in pain or struggling with an injury, this may be a great option of care for you. Call us today on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000 for further assistance.

If this is something you would like to try, call us today. Either call our Jersey practice on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000. Either one will be able to help you.

Schedule an appointment or download our mobile booking app. Enter clinic ID ORTKJR.

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