How Much Should I do with Knee Arthritis in Manhattan?

When it comes to the health of your knees, some people have the attitude of use it or lose it, or don’t wear them out too fast by being too active. So which one’s right? We are going to talk about it right now.

Today’s study looks at the age old question: If you exercise too much, do you wear out your joints, or is it use it or lose it if you don’t exercise enough?

A study looked at 76 post menopausal women with averaging ages between 60 and 68. By X-Ray, they confirmed that the patients were experiencing osteoarthritis. They then looked at them one year later after high intensity leisure time activities. They showed improvement in the stimulus and improved knee cartilage. A doctor on this study feels as if it’s the intermittent compression of loading and unloading the cartilage within the knee while doing impact activities that increases fluid flow and nutrient effusion within the knee joint and the kneecap.

The doctor performing the study notes that because of this, it should be recommended to have regular, daily, physical activities, and it sounds like based on this they should include some sort of impact like in the examples given at the end of the study were walking and Nordic walking.

So for all those people who say let’s not be too active because we don’t want to wear out the joints, this study shows that it is the opposite that is true and that it’s time to be active.

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