How Hip Exercises Can Help With New York Knee Pain

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If you are in New York and suffering with knee pain, we can help. We have many treatments that can help knee pain including chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture and cold laser therapy to name a few. If you are unable to get in for any reason or it’s the weekend and we’re closed, there are some at home things you can do to help tide you over until you can come in and see us. One of these things is exercise. To be more precise, hip exercises.

You may think, why would exercising the hips help knee pain? The two are anatomically linked. There are various muscles that connect the two together and certain types of movements breed movements of each. Similarly, if one is dysfunctional, it will affect the other. So if you have knee pain, exercising the hip could help it.

A study was conducted where patients with patellofemoral pain but without hip pain were asked to perform either hip or knee exercises. The groups consisted of 18 patients, 9 women and 9 men. Each group was asked to perform exercises designed to strengthen either the hips or the knees. The study asked them to exercise 3 times per week for 8 weeks.

All patients found that they had improvements, but it was the group who exercised the hips that found the greatest improvement. In fact, their improvement lasted for around 6 months.

So why did the hip exercises help more than knee exercises on these knee pain patients?

Weight bearing X-rays suggest that the patients with the patellofemoral pain had an outward displacement of the knee cap rather than a simple abnormal patella motion.

Our chiropractic treatment can also help you in a similar way. When we treat a patient for any condition, we examine them to understand the pain they are in, but also where it is coming from, what’s causing it and treat that. Furthermore, we help to correct any bad posture might have and can also give you exercises to do at home or the office to further improve your condition.

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