How Does Medical Massage Differ from Regular Massage in New York?

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Another treatment we offer is medical massage in New York. Medical massage is different from your regular spa massage in several ways. Although they have some similarities, there are some important differences between them that are important to know for your health and well being.

The biggest difference between the two is obviously the purpose of the massage. A spa massage is done for relaxation purposes, while a medical massage is done for health reasons. The end result in these two massages drastically differ, and a medical massage in New York is more for injuries and prevention whereas spa massage is for relaxation.

But there are other differences.

The patient and client relationship will be one of the next thing that differs. A medical massage is performed by a physical therapist most likely, who might have notes from your doctor detailing your condition. A medical massage may also be covered partly or in full by your insurance, since it is considered a medical procedure. A spa massage is out of pocket, and the goal of it is to relax, not necessarily to treat any medical problems.  

A spa massage can be deceiving; it often times may feel similar to a medical massage, but the purpose and techniques actually differ greatly. At the spa, you often receive a classic Swedish massage that’s purpose is to relax you and your body. A medical massage is professional, and may involve certain techniques to help treat your condition. These include trigger point therapy or myofascial release.

Another difference is how the session is planned based on your individual needs. An example of medical massage in New York is a professional athlete may seek a medical massage to treat their injuries, while a whiplash patient will also seek a medical massage but for completely different reasons. Since there are many different reasons people seek a medical massage, we are trained in every field so that there is the right medical massage for you. This training will help your health and well being in the long run, unlike a spa massage will do.

The final difference between medical massage New York and a spa massage is the difference in frequency of your massage visits. A medical massage will require an amount of planned visits depending on your injury or accident to ensure that the problem is taken care of. A spa massage is more of a once in a blue moon type of treatment.

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