How Chiropractic Care in New York Helps the Elderly

male doctor discussing with older patient

Low back pain here in New York is as common as anywhere around the world. For older people, the condition is more prevalent of course due to poorer outcomes and the normal wear and tear and degeneration the body generally experiences as life goes on.

It’s not surprising to know that one study found more than 25% of people in the US account for just over half of all healthcare costs relating to low back pain. This figure is in excess of over $10 billion.

While chiropractic care has been shown to be the most effective form of treatment for low back pain suffers in general, does this still apply to the older generations? Is it safe for them too? Well, researchers undertook several studies to understand the answer to this question.

Researchers decided to look at studies that took patients aged 55 and older and had more than three months of chronic low back pain. The criteria for the research included patients undertaking manual therapy, had measurements for disability and pain and excluded data from those patients who had previous surgeries and only had one therapy treatment without follow up.

While the criteria was tight to better understand the answer to the question, four studies did come to light. On investigating these studies, the researchers concluded that spinal manipulation through chiropractic care does indeed help older patients to relieve their pain. Reported side effects were very minimal too.

It showed that chiropractic care is and should be a vital form of treatment for all people, from younger generation through to old age. It not only helps relieve back pain, but also the pain from the check book too. It’s effective, it works, and it is much cheaper and safer option. Chiropractic treatment will remain a key component for healthcare for the future.

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