Home Pain Management Tips

It’s 4pm Christmas Eve. Back & Body is now closed until the 26th. A bout of back pain has just come on and it’s going to spoil your Christmas. It isn’t bad enough for a visit to ER, but it’s not comfortable. What can you do? Fortunately there’s a lot of things you can do at home to help you manage the pain until such time you are able to come in for treatment. Obviously, if the pain does get too bad, then we do recommend a visit to urgent care or ER to get some pain relief until such time you come in and we can evaluate.

Here’s some great at home tips:

Ice is Nice, Heat is Neat

Icing the area can give some good relief. Use an ice pack and for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Studies have shown that 20 minutes is the optimal amount of time and icing for longer has no significant benefit. If the problem is muscular then heat would be the better option, particularly to help with spasms etc.

Pain Medication

Medications such as anti inflammatories may provide temporary relief if you can take them.

Inversion Tables

If you have a history of back pain then an inversion table may help you. These are not expensive and can be purchased for around $100 from Amazon. Inverting for 20 minutes enables your spine to decompress that can take pressure off your spine and provide relief.

Back Braces

These can be acquired from pharmacies or again from Amazon for a low level quality belt which will give your muscles some relief in supporting your back while it is in pain.

Stretches and Exercises

Check out some exercises and stretching suggestions here which can help relieve your pain. If pain increases while doing these, stop immediately and seek medical advice at urgent care or ER.

Any or all of these suggestions may help reduce your pain and give you some temporary relief. If pain does not subside, book an appointment to come and see us at your earliest convenience and we will be able to evaluate and treat appropriately.

If you are in pain, suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches or whatever, come in and see us, we can help. We also accept insurance and would be delighted to help you out of pain. Call us today or Schedule an appointment.

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