Health Benefits of Massage Therapy


Ask just about anyone you know and you’ll find that most of us have turned to massage at some point in our lives.  Some just want the relaxing sensation of muscle release.  Others are looking for support for medical problems.  Massage has become a “go to” solution for people everywhere.

So, what do they know that you don’t?  This post will share at least some of that with you, as it’s about the health benefits of massage therapy.  If you’re considering it as a complement to existing healthcare, this post should help you arrive at a decision.

Supporting Healthy, Positive Aging

Getting older can hurt and massage therapy can help older people experience less of that.  Because it targets both the body and the mind, massage therapy has numerous benefits for older people.  It helps them relieve minor aches and pains and improves their frame of mind in relation to their bodies.

Massage therapy can also help older patients with the balance issues that often come with advanced age, enhancing their safety and mobility, as they’re out and about.

The Silent Killer

The world is an increasingly stressful place, with change moving at a blistering pace.  Stress is a modern reality that many people suffer from every day of their lives, whether they acknowledge its damaging influence, or not.

Massage therapy is proven to reduce stress more effectively than pharmaceutical solutions.  When coupled with exercise and other lifestyle hacks, it’s a great way to support keeping your cool.

For Athletes

Regular massage therapy is a key component of athletic healthcare.  Addressing tightness and knots in the muscles, the discipline works well in concert with programs of chiropractic care and physical therapy.

All athletes should be aware of the state of their bodies and take pain in the body as a serious message that neglect has a cost.

Reducing Migraines

Migraine sufferers have usually been through the mill when it comes to finding what works for their migraine pain.  No two people are the same, so it’s often the case that combining therapeutic approaches is the best way forward.

But massage therapy has been tremendously successful in reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches in patients.

For Oncology Patients

There’s nothing scarier or more stressful than a cancer diagnosis.  The whole world fades into the background, as patients take on the great monster of our age.

And massage therapy is an effective way to help them deal with the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis.  It’s also highly effective for patients undergoing chemotherapy, helping to reduce the nausea and lack of focus associated with it.

There are so many health benefits of massage therapy, but this is a blog post, so I’ll leave you with these.

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