In Case You Were Wondering – Here Are the Top 5 Health Benefits of Crossfit 2017

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Over the past decade and a half, Crossfit has become a giant in the fitness world.  Everywhere you go, Crossfit seems to be taking over.  Because of its variety and intensity, more and more health-aware people are seeking it out.

This post discusses the top 5 health benefits of Crossfit 2017 and how it can push you to be your very best.

1. Motivation through variety.

My patients often confide that they find regular exercise boring.  That can be the case, if you’re tethered to traditional ways of working out, which are based on repetition.  But Crossfit isn’t about that.  By combining a variety of exercises and challenges, Crossfit’s genius is in its dynamic model.  Your mind never gets a chance to be bored, because you’re moving through a series of exercises rapidly.  That’s a powerful motivator for people to exercise more regularly – a clear health benefit.

2. Healthy heart.

This is a big one, right?  And because of Crossfit’s intensity, this benefit is fully realized.  The regime pushes participants to maximum performance, throughout.  That means your cardiovascular rate is pushed and sustained, which increases the endurance of one of your body’s most important functions.  Oxygen in the blood is also greatly increased for the duration of a Crossfit workout.

3. Better nutrition.

There is a “soft” competitive aspect to Crossfit which can’t be ignored when discussing its benefits.  You’re working out with other people and watching them surpass their goals, while you’re at a Crossfit facility.  That’s highly motivating.  It doesn’t just motivate you, performance-wise and in the moment, though.  It motivates you to fuel your body so you can push it a little further, next time.  That’s a positive benefit that sees participants consciously changing their eating habits to provide their bodies with better nutrition.

4. Improved mobility.

Because of benefit number one, above, your body is not performing the same movements repeatedly.  Rather, it’s performing a huge variety of movements.  This aspect of Crossfit greatly enhances mobility in the joints.  It’s a much more natural exercise framework for the body, which was made to move dynamically to perform a variety of tasks.  Crossfit also has the advantage of training your body to perform heavy lifting more safely, which serves to protect you from injury in daily life.

5. Better general health.

Crossfit was created to provide people with a form of exercise that naturally trained their bodies to be at their best.  Instead of the traditional way of approaching fitness, the dynamism of Crossfit enhances all the body’s systems.  It fosters desirable physical qualities from stamina, to agility, to balance.  The outfall of enhancing these inherent physical virtues is a boost in general health.  Because of the variety involved in Crossfit, participants report greatly improved health and a better quality of life.

At Back & Body, we believe that exercise is the foundation of good health.  The top 5 health benefits of Crossfit 2017 are offered for your consideration.  Contact us for more information.

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