Getting Help from a Chiropractor — Midtown Athletes Divulge Secret to Elite Performance

At the elite levels, a physically gifted athlete can only go so far. In contrast, an athlete sans these physical gifts can rise to the top with proper training and diet and the aid of professionals like coaches, dieticians and even a chiropractor Midtown athletes turn for assistance.

How can a chiropractor help improve athletic performance? Many people often associate the work of chiropractors with helping patients recover from maladies like neck and back pain.

Chiropractors certainly do. But they do have a lot more to offer. Just ask elite athletes like Michael Jordan, Mark McGwire, Joe Montana and Steve Smith. At one point in their legendary careers, these athletes sought the aid of chiropractors to edge out their competition.

In order to better understand how chiropractic can help boost athletic performance, it is necessary to get a glimpse of how this healing art works.

At the center of practically every human function, including movement, is the nervous system controlled by the brain. The brain regulates and controls the nerve impulses that are transmitted through various channels in the body. Another vital player in the nervous system is the spine which is housed by the vertebrae. Over time, the vertebrae are subluxated, which puts undue pressure on the connected nerves. This pressure hampers the optimal transmission of the impulses sent by the brain to various parts of the body. And as a result, certain functions cannot be performed correctly.

How exactly can chiropractic help in sports performance?

First, chiropractic care helps the body become capable of adapting to the rigors of both training and competition. This makes the athlete less susceptible to injuries. If a player does succumb to an injury, the athlete can bounce back faster. Chiropractic is also a viable alternative to invasive procedures.

Chiropractors can also aid athletes and sports teams in the areas of balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.In fact, in one study conducted by researchers at the University of Auckland, it was revealed that athletes who received neck adjustments bolstered their reaction time by 15 percent while the athletes who simply rested saw an eight percent increase in their reaction time. This difference can be attributed to the removal of the interferences in the nervous system which optimized the communication between the brain and body.

Even weekend warriors and people getting into a fitness regimen or sports will find that chiropractic care allows them to enjoy the activities they like without having to worry about aches and pains which can undermine their movement.

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