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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing why it’s important to use up any visits you have left on your insurance. We’ve already seen patients taking advantage of this, some who were not even in pain, but realized they could be adjusted and improve their wellbeing while having insurance cover it. Remember, insurance might not be keen on paying out, but it does prefer paying out for preventative treatments that give you a better chance of not developing something that may cost more or result in surgery.
So here are the points in summary that make sense for using as many of your visits up as possible.

You’ve Already Paid For Them

That’s right, you pay a lot for your insurance and if your coverage includes visits for physical therapy, chiropractic or more, then you should take advantage of that. Receiving treatments even if you don’t have a condition, will help to improve your wellbeing and help ensure you don’t develop pain. That’s what your insurance company is betting on. Prevention is better than cure. Much cheaper too!

Preventative Care

Just touched on this in the previous point, but prevention really is better than cure. You take your car to be serviced regularly, why not your body? Is your body not more valuable than your car? Take advantage and use what you have to enhance your wellbeing even more. Many top athletes and even stars regularly get chiropractic adjustments for example. Even Kim Kardashian once tweeted “Chiropractors¬†really are life savers! I didn’t really believe in them before but now I’m obsessed!”

Pain Relief

Of course, most importantly if you are in pain right now and you’ve just been putting it off and off and off! We see so many patients who do that, they struggle with their pain, but hope it will go away or are too busy to do anything about it. That niggling pain left untreated will probably develop into something worse and you’ll end up spending more time getting it treated. And the longer you leave it, the less time you’ll have to use all your visits which means you may well likely eat into next years allocation.

Remember, your visits expire at the end of the year. You will get more next year, but none get rolled over. This means the longer you wait for treatment the more likely it will be you eat into next years. And if you eat up many visits early in the year, you have less for the remainder of the year if any other problems surface later on.

We hope this information has helped and given you something to think about. As we said, we’ve already seen patients coming in to take advantage of their visits. Why don’t you join them?

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