Get Relief From a Pinched Nerve From Your NYC Chiropractor

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Pain can be caused by numerous physical stressors.  When a pinched nerve is involved, the underlying cause needs to be determined with the use of diagnostics, so doctors know how to pursue treatment.

As a chiropractor, I treat a lot of people suffering from pinched nerves in various parts of the body.  You can get relief from a pinched nerve from your NYC chiropractor, right here in the heart of Manhattan, at Back & Body Medical.

If you suspect that the pain you’re experiencing derives from a pinched nerve, the sooner you come to me for treatment, the sooner you’re going to feel better.  Pinched nerves don’t just resolve on their own.  They needed targeted treatment to relieve pain, by addressing the underlying cause.

What causes pinched nerves?

Pinched nerves can be caused by everything from the stress of pregnancy (especially in the later months), to sudden weight gain.  Even thyroid disease can be responsible for provoking conditions which place pressure on nerves.

If you’re engaged in work which involves repetitive movements (including competitive sports), then your pain may be from a pinched nerve.  A herniated disc may be at fault, or even sitting for long periods of time.

Seeking out early diagnosis and treatment gives you the best chance for a complete recovery and a return to normal function.

Symptomatic indicators.

Pain is, of course, the number one indicator of a pinched nerve, but there are other symptoms which may be clues.  Pain which radiates done the legs (sciatica) or arms (possible implication of cervical – upper – discs) is one.  Another is numbness or tingling.  People with pinched nerves may also experience weakness in the affected limbs – a sure sign that you should be seeking treatment.

Any or all of these symptoms may be telling you that you’re suffering from a pinched nerve.   Get relief from a pinched nerve from your NYC chiropractor, by booking a consultation with Back & Body NY.

Award-winning pain relief.

Back & Body is an award-winning pain relief clinic in the heart of Manhattan.  We’ve become a mecca for people who suffer from all kinds of pain, because of our visionary multi-disciplinarian model.

Drawing on therapies practiced under the medical disciplines of chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and sports medicine, our clinic provides a wide range of possible treatments, all under one roof.  Instead of shuttling from one specialist to the next to find pain relief, we offer patients a convenient answer to all their pain relief needs.

If you suspect you’re suffering from a pinched nerve, contact us.  As a chiropractor, I’m here to help my patients get to the root cause of their pain, to resolve it with manipulation and adjustment and to counsel them about methods to avoid re-injury, by strengthening their bodies.  I can also advise you on appropriate postures for sitting and standing and best practices to keep your body pain free.

At Back & Body, we bring you 360° pain relief which is personalized to your needs.  Let us help!

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