imagesSports injuries, surgeries, and illnesses can all cause acute muscle pain in certain people. If you are suffering from this condition, you need to consult with your primary care physician who can refer you to a certified physical therapist for physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill. This will ensure that you can retain your quality of life, enjoy a fantastic range of motion and better mobility.

Using a Combination of Physical Therapies to Treat Muscle Pain

The certified physical therapist will examine you and determine the course of treatment. This can include a range of physical therapies such as cold laser treatment, ultrasound treatment, and physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill. The actual therapies suggested and the sequence of their use will depend on the nature of injury to the muscle as well as the health condition of the patient.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Electrical Stimulation to Reduce Muscle Pain

Physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill will consist of a procedure called TENS. This stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. During this procedure that can be performed multiple times, electrodes attached to an adhesive sheet are fixed on the affected muscle. The electrodes are positioned to target the specific muscles.

The machine attached to the electrodes produces short bursts of controlled electricity. These bursts of electricity stimulate the muscle and make it contract. The contraction is similar to that which occurs when we exercise the muscle and most patients feel no pain. The contraction increase blood flow to the damaged muscle and speeds up the recovery.

Benefits of Medication-Free Pain Relief from Acute Muscle Pain

The electrical pulses also provide short term pain relief for the patient. This is because the electrical pulses shut off the nerve endings in the muscle, thereby, preventing the pain signals from being transmitted to your brain.

Advantages of Using a Non-Invasive Procedure to Speed Up Muscle Healing

The physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill is a non-invasive procedure. It also does not include the use of any pain relief medication. This provides the dual benefit of lower risk from surgical infection and lower risk from side effects of medication.

Incorporating TENS as a Vital Component in the Treatment

While physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill does not tackle the root cause of the muscle pain, it is still considered an essential component in the treatment of acute and chronic muscle pain. This is because the physical therapist can ensure that the range of motion and mobility is restored after reducing the pain in the muscle.

Back & Body Medical works to provide patients suffering from salient and apparent muscle pain with relief using physical therapy electrical stimulation in Lenox Hill.

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