Spinal Nerve Pain Hurts. Flexion Distraction Therapy Can Help.

young woman suffering from spine neck pain

Spinal nerve pain can make life in New York City unpleasant.  Your body doesn’t know if it’s caused by spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal, causing pressure on the nerves) or herniated discs.  It just knows that every step you take on the Big Apple’s crowded sidewalks hurts.  When either of these conditions causes sciatic pain, the prospect of jockeying for position on those sidewalks can become a dreaded daily nightmare.

For those struggling through life in New York City with spinal nerve pain, flexion distraction therapy can help.  Non-invasive and drug-free, this treatment can resolve disk herniation and improve spinal mobility.  Gentle and unforced, flexion distraction therapy is entirely safe and painless.  It eliminates pressure on nerves caused by dysfunction in the spine.  At Back & Body Medical, our patients have had great success with this treatment.

How it works.

Using a specially designed table, flexion distraction therapy is practiced by doctors of chiropractic.  The spine is “distracted” by the movement of this apparatus, which is gentle and rhythmic.  The table’s movement is also calibrated to provide optimum relief according to patient need and the condition being treated.

By permitting free, unforced movement of the spine, flexion distraction therapy alleviates pressure caused by bulging disks.  It can also correct the effects of spinal stenosis.  In the case of bulging discs, a subtle negative pressure is applied.  This pressure serves to pull the bulge back into place, restoring the disk’s cushioning effect and relieving the impact on neighbouring nerves, eliminating the pain associated.

A gentle therapy.

Spinal nerve pain can be caused by many conditions affecting the spine.  Arthritis of the spinal column can be treated by a course of flexion distraction therapy.  Low back pain and stiffness and other injuries of the lumbar (lower) spine can also benefit

If you’ve undergone spinal surgery, healing and pain relief can be expedited through the use of this therapy, proven highly effective in mitigating residual pain while in recovery.  If your surgery is in need of revision, flexion distraction therapy can help relieve pain as you prepare for the second surgical intervention.

Patient feedback about flexion distraction therapy reports that it’s not only pain-free, but even pleasant.  Outcomes with this therapy are excellent.  That means the sidewalks of New York City become something you need dread no more.

Outstanding outcomes.

Back & Body’s chiropractic doctors have seen excellent results for patients sourcing this therapeutic option.  Spinal nerve pain in many of our patients has been entirely alleviated with flexion distraction therapy.

The clinical team at Back & Body works only with those therapies proven to be effective.  We believe in science and medical research.  Flexion distraction therapy has been proven effective by both research and our team’s experience of outstanding patient outcomes.

Call to discover gentle pain relief.

If you’re suffering from spinal nerve pain, call for an appointment.  Our team of chiropractic doctors can show you why flexion distraction therapy can make the sidewalks of New York City yours again.

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